The automotive world is not just an arena where auto manufacturers

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  The automotive world is not just an arena where auto manufacturers and its minions of vehicles would battle it out to get the most amount of share. Plus, it is also not just a place where these contenders try to defeat everybody else by being the most popular, the most spectacular, or the most sought after. In fact, this world is not just about who gets to sell the most number of Daihatsu car parts or who gets to take home the most number of awards. You see, the auto world is not just about fame, power, and fortune.

  One perfect example that the auto world also deviates from what we think it to be would be one vehicle. This vehicle is an Xtreme Subaru WRX and it was donated by the Santa Monica Subaru arm. Later on, it was customized by Al and Ed's Autosound. What is quite so interesting about this one is that this Xtreme Suabru WRX was auctioned off and all of the proceeds were actually given to children who were struck with life threatening medical diseases in the Los Angeles area. It was the Make A Wish Foundation which made sure that the money went to the right recipients.

  So who bought the vehicle? It was Leon Rotella who had become the highest bidder for the customized Xtreme Subaru WRX. During a special event, the Make A Wish Foundation would be handing over the keys to Rotella. And in 17201-OL040/30110 exchange, the organization would be receiving a check from the highest bidder plus it would also be receiving a check from three groups Al & Ed's Autosound, the Subaru arm in Santa Monica, and Free-FM.

  The Xtreme Subaru WRX was auctioned off online and Rotella was the highest bidder when he offered $26,000 for the whole machine. It was actually just right for Rotella when he did mention that while he was thinking of purchasing the vehicle, his thoughts were that the proceeds would all be benefiting those who really do need the money most children who were struck down with diseases.

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